Developing Android App Basic Intermediate

Level: Basic --> Intermediate
Duration: 5 days
Requirement: Some programming knowledge

Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Using the exercise files
  • Troubleshooting tips

2. Getting Started

  • Installing the Java Developer Kit (JDK)
  • Installing Android Studio on Windows
  • Managing Android Studio updates
  • Downloading additional components with Android SDK Manager
  • Creating your first Android app
  • Importing projects from Eclipse with ADT
  • Creating virtual devices for testing
  • Connecting physical devices for testing

3. Defining Activity Layouts

  • Defining screens with layout resource files
  • Exploring the layout design interface
  • Designing screens with ViewGroup and View classes
  • Understanding units of measurement
  • Laying out screens with LinearLayout
  • Laying out screens with RelativeLayout
  • Adding views to a view group with Java code
  • Collecting and displaying text values

4. Working with Application Events

  • Tracing state changes with logcat
  • Handling user events with layout file properties
  • Handling user events with Java code
  • Understanding the activity lifecycle
  • Handling lifecycle events with Java code
  • Handling orientation and other configuration changes

5. Displaying Images

  • Displaying image resources with ImageView
  • Displaying drawable images at runtime
  • Loading images from the assets folder

6. Working with Menus and the Action Bar

  • Defining a menu in an XML resource file
  • Adding items to a menu at runtime
  • Displaying menu items in the action bar

7. Managing Navigation

  • Creating new activities and layouts
  • Using explicit intents to start new activities
  • Finishing and returning from a secondary activity
  • Passing data to an activity as intent extras
  • Returning data to a parent activity
  • Opening activities with implicit intents

8. Supporting Multiple Screens

  • Dealing with Android market fragmentation
  • Creating a custom launcher icon
  • Creating drawable resources for multiple screens

9. Managing App Appearance with Styles and Themes

  • Defining and using styles
  • Applying application themes
  • Creating an app with material design
  • Customizing material design with styles

10. Working With Data

  • Working with collections of data
  • Displaying data in a listView
  • Handling list-item events
  • Displaying details in a secondary activity
  • Customizing list-item displays