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Product marketing using 3D Studio Max - 3D Visualization

Product marketing using 3D Studio Max - 3D Visualization

Date: 01/04/2020 - 03/04/2020

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: RM2700

Venue: Pathway Learning Academy

Learning Outcome

You’ll learn how to work in a production environment, understand the mechanics of 3DS Max, be able to create 3D models using a variety of techniques, work with materials to texture your models, understand how to light a scene, be able to create animations, stage a scene, understand cinematography and learn how to create output for use in post production.

An introduction to Autodesk 3DS Max

  • Interface and workflow
  • Project folder configuration
  • Viewports & navigation tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Reference coordinate system and Snaps
  • Default workspaces with enhanced menus

Lesson 1: Creating a model

  • Parametric geometries and shapes
  • High and low polygon modeling
  • Modeling 3D objects from 2D shapes
  • Parametric modeling, polygon modeling
  • Combine multiple modeling concepts to create photo-real models
  • Learn to build anything you can imagine
  • Scaling your model (reset Xform)
  • Groups

Lesson 2: Material Techniques

  • Learn a material’s workflow
  • Difference between Material and Map
  • How to use material templates (Standard or Mentalray)
  • How to create photo-realistic materials
  • How to apply a material and control its projection with an UVW map modifier
  • Open, save, create and merge materials libraries

Lesson 3: Cameras & Views

  • Create & modify cameras
  • Create camera from view
  • Target and free cameras
  • Viewport background
  • Isolation mode
  • Layers
  • Layer properties
  • Object properties
  • Differences between “by layer” and “by object”

Lesson 4: Lighting your scene

  • Standard and photometric lights: advantages and disadvantages
  • Distributions types photometric lights
  • Self-illuminated materials
  • Interior lighting techniques
  • Daylight system
  • Shadow types
  • Studio light setup (for product rendering)

Lesson 5: Animation

  • How to animate objects and materials
  • Tips & tricks
  • Walk-through animation
  • Select and link objects
  • Schematic view
  • Principles of inverse kinematics
  • Auto Key and Set Key
  • Track view (Curve editor and Dope Sheet)
  • Populate you scene with people (populate tool)

Lesson 6: Rendering your model

  • Mental Ray® rendering
  • Final gather
  • Exposure control
  • Rendering animations with Mental Ray®
  • Rendering and animation preview
  • Grab Viewport
  • Panorama exporter
  • Print size assistant

Lesson 7: Particle systems and space warps

  • Particle systems – Spray, Super spray, PArray, Snow, Blizzard etc
  • Space warps – Geometric/Deformable
  • Particles, Bombs and Dynamics

Lesson 8: Trackview

  • The Trackview interface
  • Using Trackview
  • The Schematic View

Lesson 9: Advanced camera techniques

  • Using dummy objects
  • Attaching Camera Target to objects
  • Event driven animation
  • Using Viewport Navigation tools to manipulate cameras and lightsInverse kinematics
  • Joint parameters
  • Animating with inverse kinematics

Lesson 10: Video post

  • Adding scene events
  • Adding image input events
  • Adding image filter events
  • Adding image layer events
  • Adding image output events
  • Applying lens effects

Lesson 11: Environment

  • Common parameters
  • Volumetric lighting
  • Volumetric fog

Event Properties

Date 04-01-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 04-03-2020 5:00 pm
Individual Price MYR2,700.00
Pathway Learning Centre, Taman Equine
Taman Equine, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia Taman Equine, Selangor 43300 Malaysia
Pathway Learning Centre, Taman Equine
We are no longer accepting registration for this event