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Business Communication & Writing Skills in English


Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Communicate verbally and through the telephone clearly and effectively
  • Prepare and write a letter, memo, report and e-mail with clarity
  • Develop an organized structure ranging from introduction to conclusion and set objectives for the said writing
  • Avoid known and common grammatical errors and tenses
  • Adopt the appropriate English Language structure and professional usage for the various types of business writing


Module 1 - Asking For And Giving Permission

  • Understanding and using Polite forms in asking for and giving Permission
  • Understanding and Expressing the use of the Affirmative and Negative when Responding to Requests for Permission
  • Understanding Written Responses to formal and informal Requests for Permission
  • Writing Responses to Requests for Permission

Module 2 - Making And Accepting Apologies

  • Identifying Expressions of Apology
  • Using correct Social Expressions in making, Accepting and Rejecting Apologies
  • Reading and Responding to Letters of Apology
  • Writing letters of Apology and Response to Letter of Apology

Module 3 - Mind Your Grammar

  • Similar Sounding Words and Pronunciation
  • Active vs. Passive Voice
  • Adjective & Adverb
  • Learn how and when to use Comparative Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Conjunction & Tenses
  • Avoid Confusion on when to use ‘s’ in Singular and Plural Form
  • Distinguish the use of Various Verb Tenses
  • Common Errors

Module 4 - Update Your Vocabulary

  • Often Misused and Misspelled words in Business
  • Prepositions with Other Words
  • Using the Right Words at the right time

Module 5 - Writing Letters

  • Basic letter writing - Importance of Tone in writing
  • Components of a Letter
  • Avoid Negative Phrases
  • Organize message in Proper Format
  • Never beat around the Bush : go straight to the point

Module 6 - Writing Emails / Memos

  • Identify your aims
  • Establish Relevant Facts
  • Recognizing the Recipient
  • Getting the right Response from Readers
  • Netiquette : Email Etiquette
  • Format: is there one?

Module 7 - Speaking English With Accuracy

  • Overcome FEAR
  • Motivate to speak with Confidence
  • Recognizing the Significance of the Language
  • Build and hang on to your Confidence
  • The ‘Must-Avoid’ Pitfalls in Communication

Module 8 - Handling Complaints

  • Making and writing a Verbal Complaint
  • Handling oral or written Complaints
  • Rephrasing Words and Sentences that do not Offend
  • Directing to the Right Person

Module 9 - English Conversation At The Workplace

  • What to say in Conversation Starters
  • How to Maintain a great Conversation
  • How to end a Conversation tactfully
  • Asking and giving Direction to Destinations
  • Describing Products and Services

Module 10 -  ‘Body Language’ (brief session)

  • S.M.I.L.E.
  • Dress to kill -‘First Impression’
  • Eye Contact & Hand Shake
  • Walk, Stand and Sit Right
  • Posture Practice

Module 11 - Telephone The Right Way

  • Receiving and making calls Professionally
  • How to sound Confident on the phone
  • Engaging with the right tone
  • Everyday Situations
  • Role play

Module 12 - Thanking Someone And Responding

  • How and when to thank someone?
  • KISS Principle
  • Oral vs Written


This course is suitable for staff who intend to improve on verbal and written business communication, writing memos, e-mails, letters and reports. It caters to all levels within an organization


This stimulating program will maximizes the understanding and learning through lecture, discussion, case studies and practical activities

Event Properties

Date 04-29-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 04-30-2020 5:00 pm
Individual Price MYR1,800.00
Pathway Learning Centre, Taman Equine
Taman Equine, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia Taman Equine, Selangor 43300 Malaysia
Pathway Learning Centre, Taman Equine