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Microsoft Excel For Intermediate/Advance User


Course: MSEIA_2; Duration: 2 Days; Instructor-led


This course is designed for Clerks, Officers, Executives, Supervisors, Administrators, Managers of all levels; and personnel who already know and understand and want to further enhance their knowledge and practical uses of Microsoft Excel.


Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel (Foundation & Intermediate) is essential with the follow pre-requisites:

• Able to switch between task applications
• Able to create a spreadsheet with simple formatting
• Create a chart
• Print a spreadsheet with headers and footers added
• Insert, Delete and Rename a worksheet
• Have attended Microsoft Excel – Foundation & Intermediate Level
• Able to perform SUMIF and COUNTIF Functions
• Able to perform IF Functions
• Able to perform NESTED Functions
• Able To define And use Range Names
• Able To use Auto And Advanced Filter


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise


• Give participant a systematic understanding of a spreadsheet ad its benefits
• Equip participant with essential skills of effectively utilizing spreadsheet software in a day-to-day business environment
Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:
• Create simple to complex formulas and functions, like:
  • IF Functions
  • VLOOKUP Functions
  • Nested Functions
• Validate data in a Worksheet
• Filter data using Auto & Advanced Filters
• Create Subtotal Using The Subtotal Function
• Analyze data Using Pivot Tables
• Perform What If Analysis using:
  • Goal Seek
  • Solver
  • Input Table
  • Scenarios
• Record A Macro
• Create A simple Macro And Assign Macro To A Toolbar Button


Module 1 : Using Excel Templates
Lessons 1.1 Using Templates
• Opening a Template
• Downloading a Template
• Using a Template
• Creating a Template

Module 2 – Working With Functions And
Lessons 2.1 Using Formulas In Excel
• Understanding Relative and Absolute Cell References
• Basic Mathematical Operators
• Using Formulas with Multiple Cell References
• The Formula Auditing Buttons
• Fixing Formulas Errors
• Displaying and Printing Formulas
Lessons 2.2 Exploring Excel Functions
• What are Functions?
• Finding the Right Function
• Some Useful and Simple Functions
o Some If, Count If
Lessons 2.3 Using Functions In Excel
• Inserting Functions
• Using Functions and AutoFill to perform Difficult Calculations
• Using the IF Function
• Working with Nested Functions
o If with And Function
o If with Or Function
Lessons 2.4 Working With Names And Ranges
• What Are Range Names?
• Defining and Using Range Names
• Selecting Non-adjacent Ranges
• Using AutoCalculate

Module 3 – Managing Tables
Lessons 3.1 Working With Tables
• What is a Table?
• Creating Tables
• Modifying Tables
• What is the Total Row?
Lessons 3.2 Working With Records And Fields
• What are Records and Fields?
• Adding Fields by Inserting Columns
• Adding Records by Inserting Rows
• Quickly Adding Records to a Data Table
• Deleting Records or Fields
Lessons 3.3 Working With Tables And Filters
• Sorting Data in a Table
• What is an AutoFilter?
• Custom AutoFilters
• Using an Advanced Filter
• Copying Filtered Records
Lessons 3.4 Using Excel As A Database
• Filtering with Wildcard Characters
• Validating Your Data
• What are Database Functions?

Module 4 – Using Excel With Other Program
Lessons 4.1 Using Excel In Word
• Inserting Excel Data in Word
• Linking Excel data in a Word Document
• Modifying Excel Data after Insertion
• Insert an Excel Chart into a Word Document
Lessons 4.2 Working With Text Files
• Opening an Excel File in a Different Format
• Importing Data from a Text File
• Importing Data from External Data Sources
• Publishing a Workbook as a PDF File


Module 1 : Getting The Most From Your Data
Lessons 1.1 Using Subtotals & Outline
• Using Automatic Outlining
• Displaying And Collapsing Levels
• Grouping Data Manually
• Creating Subtotals
Lessons 1.2 Pivot Tables
• What Is A Pivot Table?
• Creating A Pivot Table Frame
• Specifying Data In A Pivot Table
• Rearranging Pivot Table Data
Lessons 1.3 More On Pivot Tables
• Modifying Pivot Table Calculations
• Formatting A Pivot Table
• Refreshing A Pivot Table
• Charting A Pivot Table
• Creating A Pivot Table Based On Data From An External Database
Lessons 1.4 Exploring Scenarios
• What Is A Scenario?
• Creating A Scenario
• Creating A Scenario Summary Report
• Saving Multiple Scenarios
Lessons 1.5 What If Analysis
• Using A One And Two Input Data Table
• Using Goal Seek
• Using Solver

Module 2 – Excel And The Internet
Lessons 2.1 Excel And Internet
• What is a Hyperlink?
• Inserting Hyperlinks
• Modifying Hyperlinks
• Using Hyperlinks in Excel
Lessons 2.2 Getting Data From The Internet
• Importing from an External Data Source
• Creating a Web Query
• Saving a Web Query
• Refreshing a Web Query

Module 3 – Advanced Excel Task
Lessons 3.1 Creating And Using Shared
• Sharing a Workbook
• Requesting Reviews
• Reviewing a Workbook
• Tracking Changes
• Merging and Revising a Shared Workbook
Lessons 3.2 Using Custom AutoFill Lists
• What is an AutoFill List
• Creating a Custom AutoFill List
• Modifying a Custom AutoFill List
• Using a Custom AutoFill list
Lessons 3.3 Linking, Consolidating And
Combining Workbooks
• Linking Workbooks
• Consolidating Workbooks
• Combining Worksheets
Lessons 3.4 Using The VLOOKUP Function
• Using VLOOKUP to Find Data
• How to Find an Exact Match with VLOOKUP
• Finding the Closest Match with VLOOKUP
Lessons 3.5 Using Advanced Functions
• Using Financial Functions • Understanding Logical Functions
• Applying Logical Functions

Module 4 : Finalizing Your Workbook
Lessons 4.1 Protecting Your Workbook
• Protecting your Workbook
• Protecting your worksheets
• Unlocking Cells
• Protecting your Excel files

Module 5 : Recording And Running Macros
Lessons 5.1 Macros
• Recording Macros
• Playing a Macro
• Macro Security
Lessons 5.2 More Macro Tasks
• Recording a Relative Reference Macro
• Running a Relative Reference Macro
• Assigning a Keystroke to a Macro
• Copying a Macro from a Workbook or Template

Event Properties

Date 12-03-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 12-04-2020 5:00 pm
Individual Price MYR1,000.00
Pathway Learning Centre, Taman Equine
Taman Equine, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia Taman Equine, Selangor 43300 Malaysia
Pathway Learning Centre, Taman Equine